At least he's finally being honest about it:
Bernie Sanders on Monday told NBC's Chuck Todd that he ran as a Democrat to get more media coverage.

During a town hall-style event in Columbus, Ohio, the independent Vermont senator said, "In terms of media coverage, you have to run within the Democratic Party." He then took a dig at MNSBC, telling Todd, the network "would not have me on his program" if he ran as an independent.

Money also played a role in his decision to run as a Democrat, Sanders added.

"To run as an independent, you need — you could be a billionaire," he said. "If you're a billionaire, you can do that. I'm not a billionaire. So the structure of American politics today is such that I thought the right ethic was to run within the Democratic Party."
The right ethic? Okay.

As I've noted many times in this space, Sanders chose to run as a Democrat because if he ran as an Independent, he would not have had access to the platform and infrastructure and funding provided by the Democratic Party. He would not be on the stage at debates.

And yet even as he exploits the Party's resources, he refuses to do Democratic fundraising for down ticket races, despite the fact that his "revolution" is totally dependent on having a Democratically-controlled Congress.

Which is to say nothing of his campaign's indifference to how important the Democratic Party is to progressives in states with the least progressive state governments.

Sanders is running as a Democrat against the Democratic Party. That has been evident for quite some time. I guess I'm glad he admits it, but fucking hell what an aggressively indecent thing to do.

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