The Republican Garbage Show

Republican former Speaker Newt Gingrich, one of the most horrendo dirtbags ever to serve as Speaker of the House, is not holding back (not that he's known for holding back!) in his criticism of Mitt Romney's decision to put Donald Trump on blast in a speech last week:
[Gingrich called the speech] a sure indicator that the 2012 Republican nominee would never be accepted as a consensus party choice at a hypothetical contested convention this summer in Cleveland.

"I think if Mitt had really wanted to maneuver for the nomination, he wouldn't have given the speech he gave last week," the former speaker of the House told Fox and Friends. "Because that speech was so harsh and so intense that it virtually guaranteed that I think both for the Trump people but also for a lot of the Cruz people, that Romney would just plain be unacceptable."

The speech "may have been courageous on his part — it's certainly what he, I think, believes," said Gingrich, who has made a series of recent complimentary remarks (and tweets) about Trump. "But it was such a vitriolic and nasty speech that it guaranteed that they guy who currently has the most votes and most momentum would never accept Romney as sort of the draft at the convention."
I would really love to sit back and munch on some popcorn while this contemptible party full of awful people who espouse harmful policy just destroys itself. But one of these guys is going to be the Republican nominee and have a legitimate shot at the presidency.

And then there's this: The Republican Party never implodes. It just regroups, and comes back even worse than before.

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