The Monday Blogaround

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Recommended Reading:

Jos: [Content Note: Transphobia; transphobic violence and harassment] Transgender People Are More Visible Than Ever. So Why Is There More Anti-Trans Legislation Than Ever, Too?

Shane: [CN: Police brutality; racism] The Police Have Their Own Crimes to Answer For

Angry Asian Man: [CN: Xenophobia; Islamophobia] Man Faces Hate Crime Charges for Vandalizing Sikh Temple

Tressie: On Sanders and HBCUs

Ragen: [CN: Fat hatred] What to Call Fat People—Person First Language and Fat People

(For the record, in case anyone is curious, I prefer to just be called fat. I consider it a neutral and accurate descriptor, just as if you described me as brunette or blue-eyed or short.)

Carly: [NB: Not only women need access to menstruation products] Five Women Are Suing New York State Over Its "Tampon Tax"

Maddie: We Finally Know Why Mercury Is So Dark

Sameer: [CN: White supremacy] Saturday Night Live Political Ad Parody Exposes Racist Trump Supporters (But is it enough to atone for letting Trump host last fall?)

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