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[Content Note: Racism.]

After Hillary Clinton swept Tuesday's primary, and President Obama reportedly told Democratic donors that it was time for the party to rally behind Clinton, Bernie Sanders says it's "absurd" to suggest he drop out of the race at this point:
"The bottom line is that when only half of the American people have participated in the political process…I think it is absurd for anybody to suggest that those people not have a right to cast a vote," Sanders told MSNBC in an interview.

..."To suggest we don't fight this out to the end would be, I think, a very bad mistake. People want to become engaged in the political process by having vigorous primary and caucus process. I think we open up the possibility of having a large voter turnout in November. That is exactly what we need," Sanders said.
I don't know that it's an "absurd" suggestion, as Sanders' path to victory would require him to "win 66 percent of the remaining delegates through June...requiring landslide victories in big states." And that's on top of converting the superdelegates.

But I do agree that there's no need to push Sanders out of the race. I was annoyed when people tried to push Clinton out of the race in '08 while she still had a chance to win, and I feel no differently now.

That said, I do think that at this point Sanders needs to modify his message. Engaging in personal attacks against Clinton is clearly not helping him win, anyway.

Additionally, he needs to knock it off with crap like this:
"I don't believe they have an insurmountable lead," Sanders said in a phone interview with The Associated Press from Arizona, where he was campaigning. "Secretary Clinton has done phenomenally well in the Deep South and in Florida. That's where she has gotten the lion's share of votes. And I congratulate her for that. But we're out of the Deep South now."
I don't have anything to say about that dogwhistle that I haven't already said. Black votes matter.


Hillary Clinton has a terrific new campaign advert, in which clips of her speaking about Donald Trump are juxtaposed against clips of Trump being a dirtbag. The tagline at the end is "Love trumps hate." I see what you did there, Hillary Clinton! AND I LIKE IT.

That is just so, so clever. "Love trumps hate" is so perfect. If she is indeed obliged to run against Donald Trump in the general, that line could win her the election. A+

Meanwhile, here's a quick update on what's happening with the Republican primary:

image of a dumpster set ablaze

Talk about these things! Or don't. Whatever makes you happy. Life is short.

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