Primarily Speaking: Primary Results

Yesterday, the Democrats had primary contests in Arizona, Idaho, and Utah, and the Republicans had primary contests in Arizona and Utah. (The Republicans held their Idaho primary on March 8, which Ted Cruz won.)

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton won Arizona, and Bernie Sanders won Idaho and Utah.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump won Arizona, and Ted Cruz won Utah.

The Democratic contests are still awarding delegates proportionally, so even though Sanders won two and Clinton won one, she won the one with most delegates by a large enough margin that even Sanders winning two by large margins didn't fundamentally change the race. At the end of the night, Clinton came away with 51 delegates, and Sanders came away with 57.

Even without superdelegates, he's trailing by more than 300 pledged delegates, so he needed to win by more than 6 last night to start meaningfully making up the difference.

On the Republican side, where I bet they're wishing they had some superdelegates right about now, the Arizona and Utah primaries were winner-take-all, so Trump walked away with 58 delegates and Cruz with 40.

Cruz trails Trump by 274 delegates, and it's very unlikely that distant second is going to change, even with the Republican establishment coalescing around Cruz. As if he's somehow less horrendo than Trump, anyway.

Next up: On March 26, the Democrats head to Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington state. The GOP, who have already been to Alaska (Cruz) and Hawaii (Trump), and won't go to Washington state until May 24, will rest up until both parties then head to Wisconsin on April 5.

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