Poison Kiss: A Paranormal Romance by Ana Mardoll

Hello, Shakers! Some of you may have already seen me promoting the heck out of myself on Twitter, but Liss has pointed out to me that not everyone uses the twitters! So in-case-you-missed-it and if-you're-interested, I have a new book out: Poison Kiss

I have a long post up with store links and frequently asked questions and content notes all compiled up here on my official author website (which is very nifty and professional and if you subscribe to the site it will let you know when I publish more books!), so I figured I'd take this space to just talk to ya'll like I usually do. Mild spoilers below, but no more so than if you read the book description!

Poison Kiss is a modern paranormal fantasy set in Texas, and the first installment in the new Earthside series I'm writing. It is also a capital-R Romance book (with a Happily Ever After) and indeed the entire series will heavily spotlight romances within each novel. This particular installment features a poly romance with bisexual protagonists for an F/F/M triad.

The story follows the lives and adventures of a diverse community of survivors who have escaped the clutches of evil faeries. Most of the people we meet--including, but not limited to the protagonist and her love interests--are trying to put their lives back together from scratch while steering clear of anything that might be pursuing them, which turns out to be even harder than it sounds. They each have unique magic talents courtesy of their time spent in captivity, but even the strongest individual has to lean on the others for help, which requires a lot of communication and cooperation within the group.

I love all of my book--which is a strange and wonderful new feeling for me, as I'm my own hardest critic!--but I very especially love the amazing community within it, and a lot of readers have written to me already to say much the same. The pages are full of characters who I adore and I hope you will too. There's people of different ages, ethnicities, body types, genders (not limited to binary!); there's lots of different sexual and romantic orientations, and mental and physical disabilities are lived with on the page.

There is a Content Notes page here, for those who wish to check out possible triggers. I will say that while the setting and background of the novel have grim elements, I am proud to have kept the tone relatively light: this is a very hopeful book about loving people who survive and actively thrive despite the worst the world has to throw at them. I can honestly say that I published the sort of book I enjoy reading, which I think is a good thing!

So! You can pick it up at Amazon Kindle or B&N Nook or Smashwords or really most of the places ebooks are sold. (If I've missed a retailer you prefer to use, let me know and I'll try to upload there if they're accepting authors.) There is not currently a print version, as that is something of an investment to pull together and there hasn't yet been strong interest in that. But I do have an audiobook version up-and-coming, with a wonderful narrator who is a joy to work with.

I love y'all and hope you're having a wonderfully happy March. And much thanks to Liss for letting me promote in her space.

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