Great News! (That Was Sarcasm!)

[Content Note: Violence; bigotry.]

The prospect of Donald Trump winning the race to the White House has joined China's slowing economy, the Greek debt crisis, and Britain's EU referendum as a major threat to the global economy, according to a respected risk analysis firm.

The Economist Intelligence Unit said the Republican frontrunner could prove a dangerous world leader, damaging global trade, stirring up trouble with Beijing, and adding to instability in the Middle East.

The EIU placed the possibility of Trump being sworn in as US president next January sixth on their latest list of global threats, as serious as a resurgence of jihadi terrorism, and only marginally less risky than the collapse of the eurozone.
That sounds about right. Terrifying right.

Meanwhile, Trump's candidacy is already a national threat, especially to people who are part of the marginalized populations primarily targeted by his inflammatory rhetoric. Between his demonization of immigrants and Muslims, and his empowerment of white supremacists, and the violence at his rallies, we're already getting a snapshot of what life in the US would look like under a Trump presidency.

And that's before he's even got his hands on the reins of power. The amount of damage this guy could do from the Oval Office is inconceivable.

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