Democratic Debate + Blog Note

I've got a doctor's appointment this morning, so I'll be away for a bit.

In the meantime: There was another Democratic debate last night. I did a very little bit of tweeting about it, and I've Storified those tweets. Mostly, I spent the entire debate marveling at how garbage the questions were, and how poorly moderated it was.

Immediately after the debate, I was reading tweets about how Hillary Clinton went over to one of the audience questioners, the woman who immigrated to the US with her five children and whose husband has been separated from them for three years after being deported, and spent time talking with her and her family.

And at the same time, I heard Anderson Cooper talking about how Clinton's self-deprecating moment, in which she said she isn't a natural politician, "humanized her" to her supporters. Like we're the ones who have a problem recognizing her humanity.

At the very moment Clinton was engaging with a woman who pleaded from help from both Democratic candidates, the media was questioning, again, whether maybe she's a monster.

If that doesn't sum it right the fuck up, I don't know what does.

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