Stop Trump

[Content Note: Bigotry. Video may autoplay at link.]

CNN reports that two major editorial boards have condemned Donald Trump and urged Republican Party leadership and voters to stop him:
The editorial boards of the Washington Post and the Boston Globe both penned condemnations of Donald Trump this week, urging the Republican Party to reject him.

On Tuesday, the Boston Globe published a scathing editorial titled "Massachusetts voters must stop Donald Trump." The authors wrote that "stopping Donald Trump is imperative—and not just for his fellow Republicans."

And on Thursday, after Trump's resounding victory in the Nevada caucuses, the editors of the Washington Post followed suit. Under the headline "GOP leaders, you must do everything in your power to stop Trump," the paper's editors exhorted the Republican Party to repudiate the man who is increasingly likely to be their nominee in November.

"GOP leaders, you must do everything in your power to stop Trump," the editors warned, cautioning party leadership against warming to Trump for the chance at the White House.

"History will not look kindly on GOP leaders who fail to do everything in their power to prevent a bullying demagogue from becoming their standard-bearer," they wrote. "The unthinkable is starting to look like the inevitable."
Sure. Accurate. But as I've said over and over, Trump isn't an outlier of the modern Republican Party: He simply refuses to wear the mask GOP candidates typically use to conceal the depth of indecency inherent to their policies.

The singular emphasis on how terrible Trump is elides that all the other candidates are just as bad, when it comes right down to their policy positions.

In the last week, Ted Cruz said he's deport 11 million undocumented immigrants and refugees, and John Kasich signed legislation to defund Planned Parenthood in Ohio.

The problem isn't Trump: He's just the most obnoxious face of an entire party that's rotten to the core.

The problem is the whole damn Republican Party—and they don't need to stop Trump; they need to be stopped by the rest of us, because they refuse to stop themselves.

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