Quote of the Day

[Content Note: Racism; police brutality; injustice. Additional content note for references to sexual violence at link.]

"My [young black male] client's family is out what they paid me. Client himself is traumatized. And basis for police mistrust gets a fresh exhibit. While the officer who (wrongfully) charged him—and pretty clearly lied on official court documents—will face [zero] repercussions. This is what police brutality looks like. It's not just people having their rights violated and the shit kicked out of them. It's an innocent 17yo black kid trying to be a good human being and not running over a cat getting thrown headlong into our court system...based solely on the word of a law enforcement officer who swore an oath to serve and protect who then lied to the court with impunity."—T. Greg Doucette, a criminal defense lawyer in North Carolina, in a 43-part tweetstorm earlier this week, detailing a case in which bullshit charges were "thankfully" dropped against his client.

If you can't view the images at the above link, you can also find the thread on Twitter.

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