Meanwhile, at Blue Nation Review...

...I've got a new piece up: "No, Bernie Didn't Make Hillary a Better Candidate, She Did That Herself."
One of the common narratives of this election is that Bernie Sanders has "pushed Hillary Clinton left" and "made her a better candidate."

In the sense that competition obliges competitive people to become their best selves, and that criticism urges people to do better and gives them an opportunity to reflect and refine their arguments, it's probably true that a primary challenge has served Hillary well.

But that, of course, is not what the narrative that Bernie has made Hillary a better candidate actually means.

It functions to impugn Hillary's progressive credentials—indeed to imply that they don't exist at all—and, if there are any demonstrable traces of progressivism in her candidacy, they are attributable to Bernie, not her.

I have a problem with that. I have a problem with it because I intensely dislike a narrative that says a man owns the responsibility for all the good things in a woman's campaign, and I have a problem with it because it is simply not true.
Head on over to Blue Nation Review to read the rest.

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