The Oscar Nominations

[Content Note: Racism; trans-appropriation.]

The 2016 Oscar nominations have been announced. You can view the complete list here.

As per usual, the nominations are very white! How the fuck does Sylvester Stallone get nominated for Creed but Michael B. Jordan doesn't?! HE WAS SO GREAT AND THAT MOVIE WAS SO GREAT AND I LOVED HIM! And what about the director and co-writer, Ryan Coolger?! Who wrote and directed a film so terrific that the audience with whom I saw it applauded multiple times throughout the movie?! They make a black Rocky and the only person who gets nominated is the white Rocky?! ARGHHHHHH!!!

The Oscars are the worst.

I barely saw any of the nominated films this year. The only two Best Picture nominees I saw were Mad Max: Fury Road and The Martian, the latter of which I saw only because Iain had read the book and really wanted to see the film, so I went with him, and I thought it was the most interminably boring garbage.

So basically the only thing I care about is that Tom Hardy was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for The Revenant. YAY TOM HARDY! Who is also in two of the Best Picture nominees! IT'S THE YEAR OF TOM HARDY!

It's also the year of hating Eddie Redmayne! Who was OF COURSE nominated for playing a trans woman. Of course he was.

There are many other complaints to be made, and please feel welcome to make ALL OF THEM in comments! I will just leave this picture of Tom Hardy here, because why wouldn't I.

image of Tom Hardy smiling while his dog, a red pitbull, licks his face
[Picture from: "Tom Hardy's Dogs Are His Inspiration."]

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