Round Six Wrap-Up

Last night was the sixth Republican debate, which means I've now watched fully eleventy-seven hours of these jerks talking. The next time some bozo accuses me of not availing myself to opposing viewpoints, I will probably scream-laugh into their faces until they just slowly back away.

If you're interested, the Washington Post has a complete transcript of the debate, which contains the usual expected bigotries from Republican presidential candidates.

I live-tweeted the debate, with my usual blend of serious criticism buried in sarcasm, and I have Storified those tweets for anyone who wants to read them. If you want the short version, here was my executive summary of the debate:

screen cap of a tweet authored by me reading: [poop emogi saying] I'm the worst! [poop emogi saying] No, I'm the worst! [poop emogi saying] Me! [poop emogi saying] I am! [poop emogi saying] No me! [poop emogi saying] Me me me! [poop emogi saying] Many people say I'm the worst! #GOPdebate
And that is why I am America's Most Trusted Political Commentator!

It was, truly, two hours and fifteen minutes of wall-to-wall garbage. And that is not the reflexive commentary of someone who just isn't listening. There was a time, long ago though it may have been, when I could listen to Republican candidates and occasionally think, "That proposal sounds reasonable." And then I would go and research the details of that proposal [insert '90s movie montage of microfiche research here] and usually find that, in fact, it only sounded reasonable, but would not be practical or decent in its implementation.

Even that doesn't happen anymore. There was not a single policy (and the debate was short on policy, anyway, to put it politely) that even approached the realm of the reasonable.

The parties do indeed operate in different universes. And I want no part of the universe described and inhabited by the Republican candidates on that stage last night.

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