Round Seven Wrap-Up

Last night was the seventh (!!!) Republican debate, sans High Quality Person Donald Trump, who is TOO CLASSY to participate in such a low caliber event. I did not watch it, because I've already watched fully one kerblillion hours of these dirtbags saying awful things, and I needed a break. My apologies to anyone who follows my usual splendid commentary on debate nights.


The Washington Post has a complete transcript of the debate, and here is just a perfect clip of Ted Cruz that encapsulates the tenor of the latest debacle in this endless parade of bozofuckery:

Ted Cruz, standing at a podium onstage with several of his fellow candidates: —the last four questions have been 'Rand, please attack Ted. Marco, please attack Ted. Chris, please attack Ted. Jeb, please attack Ted.' [audience boos] Let me just say this—

Moderator Chris Wallace: It is a debate, sir.

Cruz: Well, no—no, a debate actually is a policy issue, but I will say this: Gosh, if you guys say—ask one more mean question, I may have to leave the stage.

[A mixture of laughter, cheers, and boos, as no one seems to be sure if Cruz is seriously threatening to leave or just making fun of Donald Trump. In my estimation, he was trying to make fun of Trump, but failing royally in his delivery.]

Cruz: The most important determination any voter is going to make in this election is who's best prepared to be commander-in-chief. Who has the experience, who has the knowledge, who has the judgment, who has the clarity of vision and strength of resolve to keep this country safe. That is what this debate is all about, and I would suggest let's stay focused on those issues, rather than just attacks directed at each other.

Wallace: I—I think the questions were about issues, but Senator Rubio—

You know who lacks the experience, the judgment, the clarity of vision, and the strength of resolve to be President of the United States? Anyone who throws a goddamn tantrum about being questioned during a debate.

Even if you're legitimately being "attacked." Especially then. Just ask President Obama if being subjected to unfair attacks is part of the job.

This shouldn't be a mystery to Senator Ted Cruz, since unfair attacks on the President is his speciality.

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