The Monday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by hats.

Recommended Reading:

Maya: [Content Note: Anti-blackness; violence] For Black Girls Who Are Trying to Find Their Voices

stavvers: [CN: Rape culture; self-harm] Rape Survivors Are Innocent until Proved Guilty

David: [CN: Islamophobia; violence] A Firestorm of Vicious Behavior Toward Muslims Rages in the Wake of San Bernardino Rampage

Angry Asian Man: [CN: Islamophobia] Suspect Arrested in Sikh Temple Vandalism

Mannion: [CN: Bigotry; class warfare] What They're Up To, Once More with Feeling

Teresa: [CN: Misogyny] Japanese Women Fight for the Right to Keep Their Last Names after Marriage

Charles: Cultural Awareness Starts with Movies Like Sanjay's Super Team

Jess: Sports Podcasts Hosted by Women

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