Finish This Sentence


The Christmas song that I hate with the fiery passion of ten thousand suns is...

...Do They Know It's Christmas? Every time this fucking track comes on the radio, I feel obliged to shout "DO YOU KNOW THIS SONG IS RACIST AS FUCK?" Why are they still playing it on the radio?! (Why I am I still listening to the radio?!) (Because I'm old!) And then Geldof went and made another one!!! I can't even with this song. I CAN'T!

Also I really hate Baby It's Cold Outside because gross. And Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime, because it is one of my worst earworms. Once that shit gets stuck in there, I can't get it out! Dammit, McCartney. Such a shitty song, too!

ANYWAY! This is obviously not a thread just for people who celebrate Christmas. In fact, I imagine that people who do not celebrate Christmas, but nonetheless cannot escape shitty Christmas music will have a lot to say in this thread, lol!

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