An Observation

[Content Note: Objectification.]

Last night, Iain and I were watching (again) Carrie Fisher's amazing interview on Good Morning America, and cheering her general awesomeness together, and it put me in mind of the early part of our relationship, when we would watch Star Wars together (on VHS!), over the phone, 4,000 miles apart.

I still remember the first conversation we ever had about Star Wars, and the first thing that Iain said about Princess Leia. "She's so fucking cool."

I had spoken about Star Wars with a number of men in my life before that point, and, if they had mentioned Princess Leia at all, it had inevitably been in the context of relaying to me unsolicited recollections about their middle school masturbation fantasies. Jerking off to Princess Leia, in a gold bikini.

So it was remarkable to me when the first thing Iain said was, "She's so fucking cool." Remarkable enough that I remember it, 14 years later.

That was the moment when I realized the Force was strong with this one.

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