[Content Note: Islamophobia; terrorism.]

The Republican presidential candidates are just a bunch of shameless liars:
Rand Paul said on Friday that the Boston bombers came to America as refugees and were "coddled" and given "free stuff," before they "decided to attack us."

"The Boston bombers came here and as refugees, we coddled them, we gave them free stuff, we gave them free housing, and yet, they decided to attack us, so there's a great risk," Paul told radio host Jeff Kuhner.

Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the brothers responsible for the 2013 Boston marathon bombing, did not enter the country through the refugee screening process. The Tsarnaev family entered on tourist visas and, through a process different from the refugee program, eventually were granted political asylum.
They just lie and lie and lie.

And their supporters gobble it right up, because they care far less about the truth than they do about having their bigotry validated.

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