Jeb Will Fix It!

[Content Note: Nazi reference; infanticide; anti-choicery.]

Recently, NYT Magazine asked their readers if they had the opportunity to travel back in time to kill Adolf Hitler as an infant, would they do it? The question sparked much debate blah blah fart, so the Huffington Post asked Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush if he would kill Baby Hitler.
When the Huffington Post asked the question, in an on-camera interview filmed on the Bush campaign bus in New Hampshire, the former Florida governor had a clear and quick response.

"Hell yeah, I would!" he said. "You gotta step up, man."

..."It could have a dangerous effect on everything else. But I'd do it. I mean – Hitler," he said, shrugging.
He later tweeted: "Gotta do it."

Yep. Just a grown man enthusiastically talking about murdering a baby.

There are, of course, other ways to answer this question besides enthusiastically talking about murdering a baby. Just off the top of my head: "No, but I would kidnap him and adopt him and raise him with the principles of pluralism and empathy." Kidnapping a baby isn't ideal, to put it mildly, but most people generally consider it to be preferable to murder.

Obviously, Bush hates pluralism and empathy as much as he seems to enjoy the thought of killing a baby, but, you know, he could substitute his own anti-genocidal ideas. Assuming he has some.

It seems like a gimme for a "pro-life" candidate, to suggest adoption as an alternative to killing Baby Hitler. But what do I know. Maybe the question was just too easy.

Perhaps the HuffPo should have asked Jeb Bush if he would support Adolf Hitler's mother having had an abortion. That would have really stumped him. The way the thought of murdering an actual child would never stump a "pro-lifer."

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