Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood Shooting: News and Discussion Thread

[Content note: discussions of gun violence, anti-agency terrorism, and intimate partner violence. Linked off-site material may not be safe spaces.]

Multiple news sources are describing a shooting at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. Here is CNN's coverage (Video may auto-play at link.) I am also following Stephen Hobbs, a local reporter, on Twitter. The local Police Twitter is also informative. There are others reporting from the police scanner, but the police have asked people not to do so, as it compromises responder safety.

As far as I can tell, the situation began some hours ago, and as of 6:20 PM ET is still an active situation. {ETA: As of 8 PM ET a suspect is in custody and, according to the mayor "the situation is resolved." More updates in comments.} A gunman entered Planned Parenthood and apparently initiated a hostage situation. Multiple people have been taken to hospital; the last number I saw was 9. People in the area are still sheltering in place and the most recent police presser said the situation was not yet stabilized. The Mayor has asked that people trying to let their loved ones know they are safe, please do NOT use 911 but use 211 instead.

Although there is speculation that the shooter has anti-agency views, please note that the police have had no discussions with him. Many things are possible, such as a DV-type situation (which is not incompatible with the former, of course), or a bank robbery, as there is reportedly a bank nearby. What we do know is that this is absolutely terrifying and concerning. Please feel free to use the discussion thread as a safe space to discuss this and to post updates. Please do NOT post images, and do be careful and responsible in relaying reports and information.

Much love to you, Shakers.

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