Tweet of the Day

[Content Note: War on agency. NB: Not only women need access to abortion.]

Video Transcript: Hillary Clinton, speaking onstage before a large crowd at the Iowa Jefferson-Jackson dinner: "And don't you wonder—don't you wonder? You know, for people who claim they hate big government, Republicans sure love using government to step in and make decisions for women about our bodies and our rights!" Cheers and applause. "Well, I'll tell you—I'll tell you: I will do everything I can to protect a woman's right to choose and to defend Planned Parenthood!" Cheers and applause. "Now I know—I know when I talk about these things, Republicans say I'm playing the gender card." Shrugs. "I know." Audience boos. "Well, if talking about equal pay, paid family leave, affordable childcare, and women's health is playing the gender card, DEAL ME IN!" Cheers.

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