Take a Nap, Lindsey Graham. Just Take a Nap.

[Content Note: Misogyny.]

Actual Headline: "Lindsay Graham pours beers, contemplates marrying Carly Fiorina."

Actual quote:

"Date, marry, or make disappear forever," said Bash. "Take your time, senator."

Graham, a natural wit, found his way around the question. "Date" came first. "Sarah Palin -- we'll go hunting on our first date," he said. Next was "marry," an easy joke set-up.

"Carly, because she's rich," said Graham.

When Bash pressed, and asked Graham if he would erase the existence of Hillary Clinton, he was ready with the punchline.

"No, but is she rich? She said she was flat broke."

Actual laughter: [this space intentionally left blank.]

Actual GOP candidate: Lindsey Graham. Can someone call the Senator a cab? It's clearly time for him to go home. Goodnight Senator! Don't forget to take your nonsensical misogynist asshattery with you!

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