[Content Note: Misogyny; harassment; threats; violence; disablist language.]

Y'all, I can't tell if Chris Kluwe is angry about SXSW's decision to cancel a panel on online harassment because the three women who would be sitting on it were being harassed. Can someone please read this and tell me if you can figure out if he's angry?

(LOL) (Thank you, Chris Kluwe.) (I love the smell of righteous anger in the morning.) (Also at any other time of day.)

In related news: BuzzFeed has threatened to withdraw from SXSW if they don't reverse their contemptible decision. GOOD.

I guess I'mma be the eleventieth person to observe that canceling a panel on online harassment because of online harassment is a bitter, bitter irony. Congratulations on being part of the problem, SXSW, and proving exactly why this panel was necessary in the first place.

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