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[Content Note: Hostility to consent; stalking; abuse.]

Background here.

Peeple's Facebook page is filled with positive comments they're getting via email, they're deleting comments and banning commenters who are abuse survivors trying to explain to them problems with their app, they're wondering (without a trace of irony) how to prevent people giving them feedback, and this shit is just sitting there like a big fat turd:

screen cap of a post on Peeple's Facebook page reading: 'Hey Visitors to our page: We hear you loud and clear. 1. You want the option to opt in or opt out. 2. You don't want the ability for users to start your profiles even if you would only get positive reviews if they did (Our app does not allow negative reviews for unclaimed profiles) 3. People are genuinely good even though Yelp has over 47 million reviews and all the users are anonymous and in that 47 million reviews there are 79% positive reviews. (We are not anonymous as users of the Peeple app which should make our positivity even higher than Yelp) 4. You want this available on Android too (We are building it now)'

If they were truly hearing their critics "loud and clear," they would pack up their shit and go home, not promise to expand their contemptible app to a second platform.

"People are genuinely good." I don't even know where the fuck to begin.

Not every person is "genuinely good." I can't imagine the sort of enchanted life one has lived to make such an extraordinary statement about the universality of human goodness.

Perhaps she meant "generally" good, which is still debatable, to put it politely. But even if we agree with that subjective assessment, it's irrelevant. The supposition that most people won't use the app for nefarious purposes doesn't mean that no one will.

An app literally designed to appeal to and be used by people who are at best indifferent and at worst overtly hostile to consent is OF COURSE going to be rife with abuse.

To respond to people, many of whom have themselves been victimized by precisely such abusive tactics online, who know from personal experience that not all people are genuinely good, or that if people are generally good it matters fuck-all when you encounter someone who isn't, by asserting that there's no need to worry because people are good is breathtaking in its audacious cruelty.

Basically, whatever fears anyone has about this app are founded. Big time. Because its creators are deeply resistant to hearing that their app will be abetting harm against vulnerable people.

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