Happy Back to the Future Day!


A clip from Back to the Future II. Scene: Inside the DeLorean, with Doc Brown, Marty, and Jennifer. Marty asks: "Where are we? When are we?!" Doc Brown, wearing futuristic silver glasses, says, "We're just headed toward Hill Valley, California, at 4:29pm on Wednesday, October 21, 2015!" Jennifer looks amazed and concerned. Marty exclaims, "Two thousand fifteen?! You mean we're in the future?!"
Lots of nerdz (myself included!) are super excited about Back to the Future Day, and people are celebrating in all sorts of ways. If you are a Pedantic Nerd, for example, you will probably enjoy pointing out all the things that Back to the Future II didn't get right about the future! If you are a Science Nerd, you will probably enjoy pointing out all the things it did!

My favorite celebration of the day I've seen so far is this goof post care of the Ayrshire Police Division in Ayrshire, Scotland, who posted this notice on their Facebook page: "About 0728 hours today, Wednesday 21st October 2015, police received reports of a suspicious vehicle causing concern in the car park of an Irvine supermarket. Witnesses report the stainless steel DeLorean vehicle to have been damaged and two men to have been within the vehicle. One man is described as being around 17 years old, slim build with dark hair while the other is only described as being older with grey hair and wearing a white coat. A spokesperson for Ayrshire Police Division commented 'on arriving at the location the vehicle almost collided with two members of the public on hover boards. Luckily the hover board's collision avoidance system prevented any injuries. We are keen to speak with the two men seen within the vehicle.'"


In 1989, when Back to the Future II was released, I was 15 years old and just growing out of my crush on Michael J. Fox—and into my crush on Elisabeth Shue—and I can still remember sitting in the theater thinking that 2015 seemed like such an impossibly futuristic date.

And now, here we are. In the future.

screen cap of the programmed date in the DeLorean, reading OCT 15 2015

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