The Wednesday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by cough drops.

Recommended Reading:

Shena: [Content Note: Abortion stigma. NB: Not only women need access to abortion] Shattering the Stigma of Abortion

Leah: [CN: Anti-choice trolling] Pink Out! (Also, Deftly Handling Some Trolls)

Miriam: [CN: Racism; class warfare] Navajo Midwives in New Mexico Plan First-Ever Native American Birth Center

stavvers: [CN: Rape culture; victim-blaming] Walking Home Alone: A Manifesto for Preventing Rape

Asam: [CN: Transphobia; gender policing; racism; classism] An Interview with Panmai, a Trans and Mixed-Caste Theatre Troupe from India

David: [CN: Disablism] A Day in the Life at Chicago Public Schools: Special Ed

Fannie: [CN: Homophobia; Christian Supremacy] Christian School Denies Entry to Child of Same-Sex Couple

Teresa: Jennifer Lopez Becomes United Nations' First Global Advocate for Women and Girls

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