Good Grief

[Content Note: Classism.]

This is the saddest headline I have ever seen:

screen cap of an article at the National Review featuring an image of Mitt Romney and the headline: 'Still Pining for Mitt: Some GOP Donors Hoping Romney Will Jump in the Race'

OMGLOL. And here is the opening paragraph:
Though this election cycle was supposed to feature the most impressive field of Republican presidential candidates in decades, a handful of the party's major donors and bundlers remain underwhelmed by their options. They are longing for the bad old days, and Mitt Romney is still their man. These holdouts continue to hope that the former Massachusetts governor, who said in January he would not run for a third time, will change his mind. They believe he could dispel the chaos that has reigned over the Republican field for months. Though they gave plenty of money to Romney's presidential campaigns, this year they're keeping their wallets shut, waiting for him to reenter the fray.
Whoooooooooooooooooops your party! Your field of 17 candidates is so stupendously terrible that a guy whose candidacy imploded after he sneered that some people think they're entitled to food now looks like a genius and a saint by comparison.

This would be undilutedly hilarious if it weren't for the terrifying possibility that one of these jokers could be running the country someday.

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