TV Corner: So You Think You Can Dance

[Content Note: Racism; stalking. Spoilers for last night's episode.]

Woooooooooof it was a rough night last night on SYTYCD. Before we get to the stuff I didn't like (which was basically all of it), let me get to my favorite routine of the night—which was the opening number aaaaaaaaand then it pretty much went downhill from there.

[Video Description: Yorelis Apolinario, a young Latina female freestyle dancer, and Jim Nowakowski, a young Asian-American male ballet dancer, perform a jazz routine choreographed by Sonya Tayeh and set to "Asht" by Nebulo. In the video package before the performance, Tayeh explained the story is about two people who give power to each other when they touch.]

So, the rest of the night was pretty weak for me (although I also liked Tayeh's choreography for the Team Stage group number). There wasn't a ton of great partnering, and many of the routines just seemed beneath the contestants. (That fish routine? Oh boy.)

Stacey Tookey's choreography for Gaby and Neptune, who are two of my favorites, was good—but just so heavy-handed with the messaging. A lot of the "message" numbers end up (for me) being simultaneously trite and overbearing, and this was one of those, even though Neptune and Gaby danced it really well.

I loathed the Brian Friedman-choreographed pin-up number given to Kate and JJ, for about a dozen different reasons, not least of which was the cringe-worthy spectacle of seeing a Japanese woman being obliged to play an American WWII pin-up girl. For fuck's sake.

Also, I was super annoyed to see yet another fucking routine, this time care of Tyce Diorio, about a woman who is violently stalking a man. In ten seasons, I swear there must have been a stalking routine (or some variation, i.e. domestic violence) in every goddamn season, and sometimes more than once. I'M OVER IT.

Finally: Raise your hand if you looked at the six contestants up for a four-person elimination and thought GEE I WONDER WHO AMERICA IS GOING TO SAVE LOL HA HA JUST KIDDING GOODBYE ALL OF THE WOMEN!

So, yeah. It was a very off-week for me in an otherwise good season so far. What did you think?

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