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image of a blue bus with TRUMP and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN painted on the side, to which I've added text reading: 'No losers may board this classy bus.'

Today in TRUMP news, here's just a terrific headline: "An Iowa surprise: Donald Trump is actually trying to win." Hahahaha! Hey, listen: Sometimes when you put on a red clown nose and giant clown shoes just for a laugh, you realize you were born to be a bozo.

[Content Note: War; death] Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush sums up the Iraq War disaster thus: "I'll tell you, taking out Saddam Hussein turned out to be a pretty good deal." Oh did it? For whom? For the millions of dead, injured, and/or displaced Iraqis? For the thousands of dead or wounded US troops? For IS? I mean, I know it was a "pretty good deal" for your war profiteer buddies, but anyone else?

Dr. Jen Gunter follows up on her report on Dr. Ben Carson using fetal tissue in research, despite his criticism of the practice. The truth is, what this shows is that using fetal tissue in research is, in fact, incredibly common, and hardly the grotesque scandal that anti-choicers would have us believe.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle, [CN: Video autoplays at link] here is a transcript of Hillary Clinton's interview with Univision, in which she's not so much "hiding from the press" as she is "answering a lot of direct questions," and she hammers home once again that Trump is not an outlier of his gross party, but perfectly centered within its horrible platform of terrible ideas.

In other news, Nate Cohn investigates whether Clinton is really in danger of losing the Democratic primary.

If you've any doubt who the Democratic frontrunner really is, at least for the moment, here is a screenshot of just a part of the conservative National Review's current front page:

screenshot of headlines at the National Review, to which I've added arrows pointing to SIX headlines about Hillary Clinton

I didn't think any conservative could talk about Clinton more than Carly Fiorina, but I was sorely mistaken!

A lot of the conservative coverage of Bernie Sanders, of which there is significantly less than of Clinton, centers around the fact that he's "weird." Which is, I guess, the best (ahem) they can do, since they can't dog-whistle his gender or race or sexuality. Still: It's gross. You're telling me conservatives can't find meaningful policy disagreements with socialist Bernie Sanders, and criticize him on that basis? For fuck's sake.

And finally today: "Supporters of Al Gore have begun a round of conversations among themselves and with the former vice president about his running for president in 2016, the latest sign that top Democrats have serious doubts that Hillary Clinton is a sure thing." Of course.

Everyone else who was running yesterday is still running today. Even Rick Perry.

Talk about these things! Or don't. Whatever makes you happy. Life is short.

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