TV Corner: So You Think You Can Dance

[Content Note: Spoilers for last night's episode of So You Think You Can Dance.]

Since a bunch of us are watching this season's SYTYCD, I thought I'd open up a thread to discuss last night's episode.

My two favorite routines were the last two (aside from the group numbers) of the evening:

Video Description: Kate, a young white female contemporary dancer, and Neptune, a young black male freestyle dancer, perform a contemporary routine choreographed by Justine Giles and set to "Promise" by Ben Howard. In the video package before the performance, Giles explained the story is about a married couple who experience anxiety every time before the husband has to leave for days at a time for dangerous work.

[CN: Strobe effect in following video.]

Video Description: Hailee, a young white female contemporary dancer, and Virgl, a young black male hiphop dancer, perform a hip hop routine choreographed by Pharside and Phoenix and set to "Runnin'" by Noahplause. In the video package before the performance, we learn that the two characters are alien robots.

* * *

Overall, I thought it was a pretty solid episode—but can we talk about the judges' decision to save Asaf? Frankly, I find the entire narrative around Asaf hugely annoying. He had a shitty attitude during auditions; he only got into the competition because someone else got injured and had to drop out; he can't pick up choreography for shit; his more talented partners have to scale down their performances so as not to embarrass him (and then the judges lecture them for not bringing it); and yet he's constantly coddled and congratulated for "trying so hard."

Listen, judges: I don't watch SYTYCD because it looks like an episode of Dancing with the Stars—one professional dancer and someone who "tries really hard." I'm not interested in watching Asaf turn into a butterfly, or whatever garbage metaphor Nigel enlists week to week.

This guy isn't any good; I don't find him charming; and when the choreographers are obliged to water down their routines to accommodate him, don't keep scolding the choreographers about it—get rid of him already!


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