Hillary Sexism Watch, Part Wev in an Endless Series

[Content Note: Misogyny.]

Case in point: Clinton's Director of Communications Jennifer Palmieri takes the piss out of the dreadful media coverage of her boss with "Hillary Clinton's No Good, (Record-Breaking, Poll-Winning), Very Bad Week."
If you believe the mood and headlines from some of the press, it's been a pretty rough week for Hillary Clinton. While there was widespread and substantive coverage of the rollout of her economic agenda, politically, it's a different story. One poll showed so much trouble for Hillary that she only had a higher favorability number than any other candidate it tested.

Even worse, multiple polls released this week show that she leads every candidate running in head-to-head matchups. While it is widely known that the growing Hispanic electorate is critical in deciding the election, new polling shows that Hillary Clinton has a disastrous 68 percent approval rating among Hispanic voters and only leads her closest Republican competition (Bush) by 37 points, 64% to 27%.

Not only that, she raised a record amount of primary money for a candidate in their first quarter, with only $8 million (a sum larger than most Republican campaigns raised in total) in donations of less than $200. Hillary also spent too much money building her organization and was only left with more cash on hand than any other campaign raised and more in the bank than the top three Republican campaigns combined.

It's true. Hillary is left in the terrible position of having the most resources of any candidate and being voters' top choice to be the next President of the United States.
Basically, this is the ultimate Hillary Sexism Watch entry. And yet, had I any inclination to indulge such protests, it would also be the most disputed—because, despite the fact that it's painfully obvious that the media routinely engages in misogyny against Clinton, both overtly and via subtler means (like the dour tone of the coverage surrounding her very well-received campaign), I can offer no scientific "evidence" that downplaying her successes is underwritten by misogyny.

Again: You don't have to like Hillary Clinton or support her candidacy to be concerned about the fact that this is how a female candidate for the United States presidency is treated by the media.

Or to agree that Occam's Big Paisley Tie looks shitty with pantsuits.

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