Well, Well, Well

Sabrina Siddiqui for the Guardian: "Barack Obama basks in public approval after 'best week of his presidency'."
[President Obama's] poll ratings reached a two-year high following what political commentators said was the best week of his presidency.

...[Obama] said the results of the supreme court decision to uphold a key component of his healthcare law "speak for themselves." Obama's remarks coincided with the release of a new poll that found his approval ratings at 50% for the first time in more than two years.

...It also included higher marks for the way the president had handled race relations in the United States. According to the survey, 55% of Americans said they approved of Obama’s handling of issues pertaining to race, while just 42% said they disapproved.

...Asked what he planned to do with the political capital he appeared to gain from last week, Obama said: "The list is long."

He added: "We are going to squeeze every last ounce of progress that we can make … as long as I have the privilege of holding this office," he said, before identifying issues such as infrastructure spending, criminal justice reform, and expanding free community college as potential opportunities.

Obama also pointed to a plan announced by his administration late on Monday that would allow more US workers to qualify for overtime pay. Up to 5 million lower-paid US employees will benefit from the rule change, which raises the salary limit used to determine who is eligible for mandatory overtime pay.

"What we're going to do is just keep on hammering away at all the issues that I think are going to have an impact on the American people. Some of them will be left undone, but we're going to try to make progress on every single one of them," Obama said. "I feel pretty excited about it. So I might see if we can make next week even better."

Can highly-paid and highly aggravating Democratic strategists stop with the tired bullshit about how the US doesn't like lefty politics now? The more progressive this president gets, the more people like him.

It would be great if the people paid for their political expertise could actually remember that.

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