The Monday Blogaround

This blogaround brought to you by the color yellow.

Recommended Reading:

TLC: [Content Note: Transphobia; anti-immigrationism] ICE Issues New Guidance on Transgender Detainees; #Not1More et. al. Explain Why It's Not Enough

Libby Anne: [CN: Christian Supremacy] An Atheist Parent, an Evangelical Grandmother, and a Six-Year-Old Girl

Prison Culture: [CN: Self-harm; death; racism; carcerality] Breaking People

Grace: [CN: Misogynoir] The Sisters Are Alright According to Tamara Winfrey Harris' New Book

Casey: [CN: White Supremacy] The Three Possible Outcomes from SCOTUS' Decision to Rehear Affirmative Action Case

David: [CN: Fearmongering; animal endangerment; violence] Does Shark Week Portrayal of Sharks Matter?

Esther: How to Pour Two Liquids into a Glass and Make a Rope

TMV: "He was handsome and dashing, and all those things [Tom] generally avoids."

Leave your links and recommendations in comments. Self-promotion welcome and encouraged!

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