Quote of the Day

[Content Note: Spoilers from Mad Max: Fury Road. There are blinking gifs at the link which may affect people with photosensitivity.]

"Watching Fury Road, I felt like I was watching my own struggle brought to life (albeit in a very fantastical setting), and I don't think I ever realized how truly profound that could be for me. Watch Furiosa load a shotgun. Watch Furiosa punch Max in the face, with her nubbins. Watch Furiosa drive a semi tractor trailer. Watch Furiosa fire a long shot, using Max's shoulder to stabilize the gun barrel, as an alternative to using two hands! Watch Furiosa do anything you can do, but better, and with half the number of fingers. The effortless manner in which this film has presented a character's disability is incredible. I literally could not ask for anything more. It's ubiquitous. No big deal. Her body is never a plot point. It is simply allowed to be."Laura, a fetal amputee whose disability is shared by the hero Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road.


There are few things I read that I find more exhilarating than someone who sees hirself (someone like hirself) onscreen in a way that makes hir SO HAPPY. Because I get it. I get it so hard.

[H/T to Ana Mardoll.]

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