Hillary Sexism Watch, Part Wev in an Endless Series

[Content Note: Misogyny.]

We're like five seconds into Hillary Clinton's campaign for a presidential election that's still 18 months away, and already the stories about her "lack of authenticity" and her "iciness" are already coming fast and furious.

And, you know, I always find the charge that she is inauthentic to be completely hilarious, because Hillary Clinton has about the farthest thing from a poker face as exists in US politics.

series of images of Hillary Clinton making different excited, angry, happy, thoughtful expressions

In politics, as in life, being the sort of person whose every emotion clearly registers on one's face can be an asset in some situations and a liability in others. But leaving all of that aside, there's no argument that Hillary Clinton is one of those people.

And it's the people who are most inclined to use one of the countless pictures of her making a big expression in a mocking way who are also most inclined to make arguments about her inauthenticity or her chilly personality.

They know better than anyone what a goddamned lie it is they're telling, as they scroll through Google images looking for the perfect picture of her making the exact expression to accompany their bullshit stories.

She gives them an embarrassment of photographic riches of her inimitably expressive face, and they use it against her to claim that she's cold and inauthentic.

Meanwhile, if she actually tried to reel in her expressiveness (and I hope she never does), and tried to run on a singular stoic expression, they'd police the shit out of her for that. Saying, naturally, that she's cold and inauthentic.

Can't fucking win. Can't fucking win.

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