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image of George Pataki speaking at a microphone in front of US flags, to which I've added text reading: 'Romney ain't the only rapscallion who can stand in front of flags!!!'

Former Republican New York Governor George Pataki (remember him?) (I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't!) is fixing to run for president—MAYBE!
George Pataki, the former three-term New York governor, has a tip for gamblers: Place your chips on his running for president.

Pataki has traveled to New Hampshire six times since September and two weeks ago appeared at the Republican National Committee's donor retreat in Boca Raton, Florida. In an interview with Rita Cosby on WABC in New York, Pataki said he'll probably run, suggesting that the only hold ups are campaign-finance laws that would limit his fundraising once he formally declares.

"If you care about the country, it's very hard to sit on the sideline if you believe you have the ability to run a government like this country's well," Pataki said Sunday. "At this point, I am strongly inclined to do it."

Pataki has grappled with running in the last two presidential races. He said he's closer to entering the field than ever.

"If I were a betting person, I would bet that I'd make the decision to go," Pataki said.
Lucky us!

Pataki was marginally pro-choice and marginally pro-gay rights, so it'll be fun (by which I mean profoundly depressing) to see him do the Dance of the Socially Moderate Republicans during the primary, should he throw his dunce cap into the ring, in order to distance himself from positions that are far too decent for the extreme social conservatives who comprise a large portion of Republican primary voters.

"Ha ha, no no no—I promise I HATE people who need access to basic healthcare and basic rights!"


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