[Content Note: Fat hatred; disablism; exploitation.]

Via my pal Jordan, here is just a terrific article about mandatory wellness programs for USians who access healthcare via employers: "Coming soon to a workplace near you: 'wellness or else'."

Everything about this shit is fucking amazing (I am being sarcastic, in case I'm not laying it on thick enough to be readily discernible), but what I love most about it is how employers will straightforwardly admit they don't give a squirt about workers' actual health; they just want the money from collected penalties generated by people's failure to succeed at wellness programs that don't even work.

This is a total scam, wrapped in faux concern for fat people presumed to be unhealthy and genuinely ill and/or disabled people, who are being coerced into subsidizing the costs of a healthcare system from which they can't even meaningfully benefit.

Fuck this entire fucking system.

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