[Content Note: Anti-feminism; misogyny; rape culture.]

Last night on Twitter, I was having some fun with the hashtag #FiveWordsToRuinADate, which is still trending. Since not everyone here is on Twitter, here's a thread for all of us to have fun with it.

These were my contributions last night:

"What about a humanist movement?" (link)

"Some rape jokes are funny." (link)

"Hitch is my favorite movie." (link)

"I rooted for Walter White." (link)

"I like playing Devil's Advocate." (link)

"You shouldn't feel that way." (link)

"Can't you take a joke?" (link)

"Have you heard about Jesus?" (link)

"I just don't see it." (link)

"I voted for Mitt Romney." (link)

"Have you read Atlas Shrugged?" (link)

"Um, actually, to be fair..." (link)

"As Richard Dawkins once said..." (link)

Have at it in comments!

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