Slàinte mhor a h-uile là a chi 's nach fhaic!

image of a teaspoon in a snow globe, with the words 'Happy Teaspoons to all...and to all a good fight.'

Well, I didn't quite want to end the year this abruptly, lol, but my laptop really didn't cooperate with my plan! The good news is that it's back in working order, and that I had backed up everything before the hard drive died, so I didn't lose anything major. Phew. Except Windows 7 haha. I'm now on Windows 8, and obviously I hate it because I am a human being and not a monster.

(Just kidding! I'm sure I will love it and also I am definitely a monster. Rrrowwwr.)

Anyway! Most of the contributors and mods are (or will be) traveling and holidaying over the next week and a half, so we're taking some time off to rest and renew, and we will return Monday, January 5, at which time we will resume your regularly scheduled abundance of feminist commentary, political snark, pop culture deconstruction, cute things, pretty pictures, and sundry shenanigans.

Thank you for another great year, Shakers.

And when we return, it will soon be time for another presidential election to begin in earnest. Are you so excited?! I BET YOU ARE SO EXCITED YOU CAN'T WAIT YOU ARE ALL HURRY UP AND GET HERE ELECTION AND PLEASE PLEASE MITT ROMNEY RUN AGAIN AND STAND IN FRONT OF ALL THE GIANT FLAGS!

Please indicate your excitement by checking this box: □

As they say, see you next year!

[My thanks to JupiterPluvius for the phrase used in the image.]

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