Two Facts

1. David Brooks is still being employed by the New York Times to write a garbage column.

2. This week, David Brooks is mystified by why, in the wake of the Republicans' midterm win, President Obama is not rolling over and making it easier for them to steamroll him with their terrible nightmare policies.
They say failure can be a good teacher, but, so far, the Obama administration is opting out of the course. The post-midterm period has been one of the most bizarre of the Obama presidency. President Obama has racked up some impressive foreign-policy accomplishments, but, domestically and politically, things are off the rails.

...Usually presidents at the end of their terms get less partisan, not more.

I'm no highly paid pundit for the New York Times, but maybe the lesson that President Obama learned from the midterms is that capitulating to a Republican agenda, even slightly, even for the grand golden objective of bipartisanship, is not a winning strategy for Democrats. Just a thought!

Brooks, who loves to Concern Troll on behalf of the Democrats, wrings his hands about the President's plan to enact immigration reform via executive action.
I sympathize with what Obama is trying to do substantively, but the process of how it's being done is ruinous.

Republicans would rightly take it as a calculated insult and yet more political ineptitude. Everybody would go into warfare mode. We'll get two more years of dysfunction that will further arouse public disgust and antigovernment fervor (making a Republican presidency more likely).
Hahahaha thank you for your concern that governing like a Democrat might make a Republican presidency more likely, David Brooks! You're so thoughtful!

As for me, I fully support President Obama insulting the Republicans as often and as thoroughly as possible for the next two years.

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