Today in Fat Hatred

[Content Note: Fat hatred; diet talk.]

Here is an article at NBC about a report which has found that popular diets do not yield long-term results. And because virtually the entire healthcare community persistently operates on the garbage belief that human bodies work like Bunsen burners, this finding is naturally attributed to fat people being big fat failures.
"Essentially, what they're telling us is that the diatribe about diets is a bunch of overcooked baloney," said Dr. David Katz, director of Yale Griffin Preventative Research Center, who wrote an editorial to accompany the study.

"They say, frankly, everyone falls off the wagon at 12 months, to say nothing of 24 months, and are gaining the weight back," Katz told NBC News.
"Frankly, everyone falls off the wagon at 12 months" is one of two huge pull-quotes in the article. The other is: "It's more about what diet you'll stick with."

Sure. Forget the fact that even most fat people who have radical body-altering surgeries regain weight. Forget the fact that millions of fat people report lived experiences with maintaining nutrition and exercise programs and nonetheless regaining (or failing to lose) weight. Forget the numerous studies which have found environmental and/or biological clues to why some people are fat and some people aren't. Forget natural human diversity in all other things. Forget that not all fat people have disordered eating.

It's that all fat people are lying liars and lazy failures who "fall off the wagon."

Which, you know, is to say nothing of the shaming of fat people who do have disordered eating and/or do have impediments to getting as much exercise as their individual bodies need and/or simply don't give a fuck about being policed into doing something with our own bodies that we don't want to do.

No one owes anyone else thinness.

No one owes anyone else health.

No one owes anyone else a specific appearance.

What we do owe one another, however, is the respect of neither auditing nor ignoring each other's reported lived experiences. Fat people don't owe anyone else shit. But everyone else owes us the respect of listening to us, believing us, and according us authority on our own fucking bodies.

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