Important Unicorn News

image of the movie poster for the 1982 animated feature, The Last Unicorn.

Do you love the animated children's classic The Last Unicorn? Did you watch your shitty VHS copy that you taped off of HBO so may times that you'd memorized virtually every line of dialogue, but not so many times that the Red Bull didn't still scare the everloving shit out of you every time he appeared? Does the sound of Jeff Bridges' voice still sometimes make you think of Prince Lír?

Well, maybe that's just me, but if you did love The Last Unicorn when you were a kid, and/or love it now, you might be interested to read about (and check the dates for) the screening tour, with special guest Peter S. Beagle, aka the guy who wrote the book on which it was based, and also wrote the screenplay for the movie.

Scrolling down the page, you'll also find some fun tidbits like this:

image of two older white men with beards; one is holding a stuffed unicorn and one is holding a stuffed wolf, and they are poised as if the plush toys are about to fight one another; the picture is labeled: 'GEORGE R.R. MARTIN & PETER S. BEAGLE: THE DIRE WOLF & THE UNICORN COMING TO HOME VIDEO: A dramatic confrontation.'

Anyway! If you love the movie, or if you've never seen it but would love to see it on the big screen, I hope a screening will be coming to a theater near you!

[H/T to Shaker RedSonja.]

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