Jimmy John's Is the Latest Fast-Food Employer to Be Accused of Systematic Wage Theft by Employees

[Content Note: Class warfare; worker exploitation.]

Alan Pyke has the whole story, including the background of the case being brought by two Jimmy John's workers, "who were employed at separate Jimmy John's locations in Illinois."

This is the long and the short of the employment scam that Jimmy John's, McDonald's, and other fast-food restaurants are running:
The status quo of very low prices for consumers, very high profits extracted by corporate parents from franchisees, and a pay disparity between CEOs and front-line workers of 1,200-to-1 seems to depend upon extensive wage theft. Nine out of 10 fast food workers reported wage theft in one survey this spring.
We could pay a little more, executives and shareholders could make a little less, and the workers who make this whole thing run could earn a liveable wage. This isn't about market pressure; it's about choices that are made in pursuit of shitty priorities.

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