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Here is some stuff in the news today...

[Content Note: War] In Ukraine and Russia: "Ukraine's government has said its forces have clashed with an armoured column that crossed the border from Russia as Moscow ramped up tensions ahead of crunch talks by pledging to send in a new aid convoy. ...A Ukrainian military spokesman told AFP border guards were battling 'several dozen' armoured vehicles that crossed the border and headed in the direction of the government-held city of Mariupol. ...If confirmed, the incursion could represent a dangerous push into territory in the Donetsk region under Ukrainian control after a brutal offensive by Kiev had led to government forces pinning back insurgents." Just fuck.

[CN: Rape; description of assault; domestic violence; guns; image of gun at link] A Georgia police officer who raped a domestic violence victim, and threatened to rape her with his weapon, has been given back his right to carry a firearm. Because nothing is more important than guns.

[CN: Rape; description of assault] A female passenger on a Malaysia Airlines flight to France was sexually assaulted by the chief steward. She managed to record part of the assault, and the steward has been detained. On the recording, the steward can be heard "pleading with her that his 'intentions were good.'"

[CN: Shooting; police brutality] Experts on police protocol say the shooting of Kajieme Powell was "justified." I just don't know, y'all. I really don't.

Cornel West says that President Obama "posed as a progressive and turned out to be counterfeit." I can't say that I agree. There was plenty of evidence when President Obama was running that he was not a progressive on many issues.

[CN: Homophobia] This about sums up the state of homophobic resistance to same-sex marriage in Indiana: "We're sick of waiting and waiting for something that should have been done years ago. It's just tedious." That is some beautiful contempt, right there.

RIP Richard Attenborough.

Here is a picture of Beyoncé being awesome. (In case you can't see the image, it's Beyoncé onstage with the word FEMINIST behind her in giant all-caps letters.)

And finally: Here is just a terrific video of a newly rescued kitten booping a very patient Doberman!

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