So, this happened last night on So You Think You Can Dance, and I just loved it so much, and I thought I'd share it here for anyone who also loved it and wants to talk about it, or for anyone who doesn't watch the show might enjoy it:

Video Description: Seven young men dressed in matching dark blue wrap garments on their lower bodies, and decorated with smudgy blue paint on their shoulders, perform Travis Wall choreography to Beck's "Wave." They come together in a group, and then move apart, and then come back together, undulating like water. They move in unison, then individually, then in unison again. One of them is thrown above their heads, and flies forward, to be caught by others. At the end, they slowly fall forward off the stage, in a curving row, one by one.

* * *

In the segment before the performance, Travis Wall said (paraphrasing from memory) he thought it would be good for viewers to see boys dance like this. By which I assume he meant: Supportively, emotionally, cooperatively. And I agree.

* * *

The top seven girls also performed a Mandy Moore choreography last night, and they danced it beautifully. It just didn't feel quite as moving to me, to watch young women dancing to Evanescene's "My Immortal," which is a woman singing about a relationship. That's not a criticism of the dancers. It just wasn't of as much interest to me.

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