Adeus Brasil

As you've probably heard, if you've looked at any news source at all in the last 15 hours or so, irrespective of how much or little you care about the World Cup, Brazil was knocked out by Germany yesterday in a stunning defeat.

I have thoughts about the match itself, and how well, or not, Germany navigated the balance between continuing to play hard so as not to insult the other team, but also not playing to humiliate them, but mainly I just want to say that I hope the Brazilian players are safe.

They had a shitty day at their jobs. But the nature of their jobs means that lots of people are disproportionately invested in their job performance, and sometimes lose perspective on the fact that it really is just a game and they really are just guys at their jobs, doing the best they can.

With Brazil out of the competition, so departs the last of the players I truly like, David Luiz.

image of Brazil player David Luiz, on the pitch, wearing his Brazil jersey, his arms in the air

I like the way he plays on the pitch, and I like the way he loses, and the way he wins.

After Brazil knocked out Colombia, Luiz comforted a distraught James Rodriguez, holding his face and telling him what I was imagine was something like, "It's okay, you did well, keep your chin up, be proud."

image of Luiz holding Rodriguez's face

And then, in one of the most beautiful and touching examples of sportspersonship I've ever seen, they exchanged jerseys, and hugged, and walked off the field together, with Luiz pointing at Rodriguez, as if to say, "This kid didn't win, but he is still amazing."

David Luiz, you and the rest of team Brazil didn't win, but you are still amazing.

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