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Recommended Reading:

[Content Note: Abuse] This summer, Lauren Chief Elk and Suey Park will be having "a weekly Summer School show [on] issues related to gender violence and organizing." Last night was the first episode on Abuser Dynamics, and Trudy did a terrific Storify of her live-tweeting, which I'm sharing with her permission, in case you missed the first episode.

BYP: [CN: Guns; death; injury] At Least Two Killed and 25 Others Wounded in Shootings Across Chicago Over the Weekend

CBPP: [CN: Food insecurity; classism] New Data Provide Sobering Look at Concentrated Poverty in Schools

Julianne: [CN: Disablism; agism; carcerality] Prisons' Fastest Growing Population: Mentally Ill, Aging Inmates

Fannie: [CN: Misogyny; harassment] Obvious News: Female Construction Workers Harassed, MRAs Do Nothing

Andy: President Obama to Issue Executive Order Protecting LGBT Employees of Federal Contractors

Becky: Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman Talks Indie Development and an Exclusive Female-Led Game

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