So This Happened

[Content Note: Image and description of violence.]

Yesterday at the World Cup, Uruguay striker Luis Suarez bit Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini. Suarez literally bit Chiellini on the shoulder, and then flopped to the ground grabbing his own mouth, in order to pretend they'd just had a collision once Chiellini stood up and revealed the bite marks, which of course he immediately did.

The ref, however, missed it. And Suarez was not red-carded and sent off. Within a minute, time that would have not been used for play if Suarez was kicked out of the game, Uruguay scored the only goal of the match, sending Italy out of the competition.

Replays of the game clearly show Suarez biting Chiellini, and so FIFA is now investigating. One might think it sounds incredible that there has to be any investigation beyond footage that clearly shows Suarez biting Chiellini, and Chiellini saying YES HE BIT ME, but FIFA is a corrupt and pathetic organization that prioritizes talent and money over decency every time.

Suarez, as it happens, has already been suspended twice for biting other players. He's additionally been suspended for racist verbal abuse of another player.

What he was still doing on the pitch yesterday after a history of attacking other players speaks to the cavernous lack of ethics in many corners of professional football, where being a good player always matters more than being a good person.

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