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[Content Note: Rape apologia.]

"You have to start asking questions: Well, if evolution is true, and it's just all about the male propagating their DNA, we had to ask hard questions, like, well, is rape wrong?"—Creationist Darek Isaacs, "author of 'Dragons or Dinosaurs?'—which argues that ancient myths about dragons were based on human interactions with dinosaurs—and the founder of the Watchman 33 end times blog," during an episode of the "Creation Today" online broadcast.
He said marriage would be "anathema" in an evolutionary worldview because it would limit sexual relations to one man and one woman for life.

"According to the evolutionary worldview, [if] that male is strong enough and he had wonderful genes, he should propagate his DNA as much as possible so that the species can progress," Isaacs said. "So it redefines everything about our society."
There's so much to discuss about this quote, but I'll just make a couple of quick observations:

1. "Marriage" and "rape" are not mutually exclusive concepts.

2. "Marriage" and "monogamy" are not synonymous.

3. "Rape" and "sexual promiscuity" are not the same thing.

4. The theory of evolution, which describes the evolutionary process, and evo psych, which seeks to explain why humans evolved in the way we did, are not the same thing. That the scientific identification of the existence of evolution is correct does not mean that subjective explanations of human sexuality (or any other behavior) are always correct.

5. Supposing it's true that human men evolved to "propagate their DNA," that has fuck-all to do with consent.

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