Good Morning! Or Whatever!

Via Shakesville Moderator Hallelujah_Hippo, here is just a terrific video of a corgi excitedly running on a merry-go-round to start (or end) your day!

Video Description: A wee corgi dog sits on a metal merry-go-round, looking expectantly at the person holding the camera. A woman's voice says, "Meatball, what do you want it to do?" A teenage white boy comes into frame and begins to spin the merry-go-round quickly. Meatball the Corgi whines excitedly. As it picks up speed, Meatball runs in the opposite direction that it's spinning, in between the hand-holds, then starts joyfully barking. The boy sits down and stretches out his legs; Meatball jumps over his legs as he runs around.

The boy hops off. As the merry-go-round begins to slow, Meatball hops as he runs, trying to keep it spinning. The boy comes back and spins it for him some more. More running and barking.

When it starts to slow again, the boy stands beside it and spins it from a single point, and Meatball runs in place beside him until it's spinning wildly again and the boy hops back on. More running and barking.

Eventually, the woman suggests they let it wind down. Meatball continues to run and bark and jump, trying to keep it going. He tries running in the direction of the spinning. He hops off and barks at it, then hops back on and keeps running. He is panting. He barks at the boy, who then gets back on, with the camera, and spins it once more. Meatball runs and barks. Yay!

"All done, Meatball?" asks the woman. But Meatball is not done. He runs to the opposite site of the merry-go-round, peering over it, then jumps back on and runs some more.

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